Jack Smith- Accenture

Throughout the recruitment process, Accenture assures candidates that they “will be treated as full-time analysts.” From day one this was true. Before beginning client work, the Seattle office interns flew to San Francisco for two days of training, where we were given an in-depth introduction to how Accenture produces high quality work for clients and returns for shareholders. Next up was a day of training in the Seattle office, where you learn about the office culture, hear from Managing Directors, and get the opportunity to network with everyone from Analysts to Senior Leadership. This concluded our first week as interns, but that was just the beginning of an amazing experience.

Consultants are known for traveling, so, on our first Monday, it was fitting to be at Sea-Tac boarding the first flight out to Chicago. Once we arrived in Chicago, we headed to St. Charles, Illinois, where Accenture hosts the Student Leadership Conference (SLC). The SLC brings together all rising senior interns from the US and Canada. Here they get a real look at Accenture, meet leaders, learn and grow amongst peers, and gain a better perspective of how to apply Accenture’s Core Values in daily life. This experience was awesome. I became super close with the other Seattle interns and met incredible people from across the country. Also, this was a real introduction to the consulting lifestyle. We touched down in Seattle late on Wednesday night, and began our first day at the client site the next morning.

I was on a long-term project for a local software company. Our team of roughly 15 was tasked to improve and maximize supply chain efficiency for our client. On day one, I began meeting with team members, going over expectations, roles, and independent projects that allowed me to be creative to improve in-place processes. By the end of the 12-week internship, I was doing work for multiple managers, communicating with people from different countries, and contributing work that the client directly reviewed. The work was challenging, but my team was always willing to help. (Side note to interns at any company: DO NOT be afraid to ask for help!)

While searching for internships I was looking for a few core things: variety of projects, challenging work, and coworkers I enjoy being around. Accenture provided all of these, especially the great coworkers. Accenture claims that it’s “the people” that are the key to success, and after my time with the company I completely agree. Our intern group would frequently go out to dinner together and even took canoes out on Lake Washington. On top of that, employees on all levels are approachable and genuinely interested in what you have to say.

My internship experience seemed to fly by – there was never a dull moment. I would recommend an internship with Accenture to anyone, and I’m incredibly excited to start my full-time career with Accenture after graduation!

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