Jeju Island: Something You Must Do

Guest Post by Kevin Cha, who is a Junior studying Information Systems. Kevin studied at Yonsei University in Korea on the Foster Exchange program. 

Jeju Island/제주도/Jeju-do is a popular vacation spot for people visiting Korea and the residents of Korea. It is located a little bit south of South Korea. It is known for it’s beautiful sights, beaches, food, and many other attractions. My friends and I decided to go here as part of a last-minute spontaneous trip. Tickets are not that expensive (Usually less than $100 round trip if you buy a week before and it is not a popular vacation time.) I would also highly recommend going when it is warmer, so you can enjoy the nice beaches.


Whenever I travel, I usually focus on what kind of food I could eat. Jeju Island is famous for a lot of food, but especially these 2 kinds of food: Black Pork Belly(Hook Samgyoepsal) and Sashimi(Hwye.) When I say black pork belly, I don’t mean the food is actually the color black. It is special because black pigs are grown around in Jeju and not really in the mainland of South Korea. It is definitely delicious and if you care enough, you can taste the difference. The raw salmon is popular because since it is an island, it is usually fresh caught and made the same day. It is more on the expensive side, but worth it if you have enough people. If I could have, I would have went to Nolman Café which serve seafood ramen. While seafood ramen isn’t really a ‘classic’ Jeju Island dish, I would it say it is definitely one of the most popular restaurants in Jeju Island.

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