JMUCC: An international case competition experience

In late February, four students (Michael Adams, Daniel Park, Corinne Parkinson, and Jennifer Louie) from the Foster School of Business represented the University of Washington in Montreal for the 2016 John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition (JMUCC). This international case competition consisted of three 3 hour cases and one 24 hour case. The students performed well, winning two out of the three 3 hour cases/round robin rounds, and ended the competition with a strong score in the 24 hour case. The students returned to campus with the following comments about their experience:


UW Team (left to right): Daniel Park, Jennifer Louie, Corinne Parkinson, Michael Adams, and Coach Josina Garnham

“Participating in an international case competition has been one of the highlights of my college career. The school paid for us to travel to a new city and meet friends from all around the world. I learned a lot over the week and have gained so much confidence in both my presentation and analytical skills. The 12596610_10207297954545377_1783309312_oexperience was unforgettable. Thank you Foster and GBC for this great opportunity.” – Daniel Park ‘16

“JMUCC was one of the most intensive and exciting weeks of my college career. This international case competition taught me the importance of cultivating out of the box ideas and building confidence in yourself. I walked away not only with new friends from around the globe, but also a new understanding of my strengths. Thank you JMUCC.” – Corinne Parkinson ‘16

“Initially, I doubted my ability to contribute significantly to a team going up against schools from around the world, but am so thankful that I was chosen and decided to participate in an international case competition. JMUCC was by far one of the greatest learning experience I’ve had in my college career so far. It brought a new meaning to case competitions, and allowed me to gain invaluable experiences that I know will directly transfer to future case competitions, group projects, and future careers. The week was intense, jam packed, and occasionally mentally and emotionally tolling, but I had never grown so much confidence 1059704_10207297955225394_1784133032_oin such a short amount of time. As much as I grew professionally throughout every day of competition, the personal growth was far beyond anything I could have expected. This experience allowed me to learn from international students, professionals, and my team mates. I am so grateful for the Foster School and GBC for presenting me with this exceptional and unique experience that contributed so much to my personal and professional growth.” – Jennifer Louie ‘18

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