Job Search Support – A Phone Call Away!


The dial-in Job Search Team call has been operational for seven months.  It is a weekly call for Executive MBA and Technology Management MBA students and alumni actively engaged in job search.  The initial goals were to provide a flexible format for support, ideas, and resources.

With a typical weekly group of 4-8 individuals, each participant takes a few minutes to provide a brief introduction (name, target next position and stage of search) and then has time to ask for insights on a particular search strategy, to share a quick win or new resource, and most importantly what’s working (and what’s not working). 

Sometimes the facilitators will take a few minutes to share information related to search, i.e. executive recruiters/headhunters, salary considerations/surveys, social networking, Foster School events, etc. 

In last week’s call, we talked about applying for positions at Microsoft (with a referral); these techniques certainly apply at other companies too.  This week, the group had a rich conversation about the steps for effective informational interviews — “career development research” is probably a better name!

I will post a debrief of our next search-related topic.  It might be information helpful to you now or in the future.

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