Just an Update

General Observations of Manchester:
-No one wears flares… its all about the skinny jeans
-Girls Fad: Black Tights not to be confused with Black Leggings
-They have a big problem with littering
-There is always a line of 5-6 people for use of an ATM
-They don’t make travel sized anything
-Not taking the exchange rate into consideration things are generally cheaper for locals
-Chocolate Croissants are amazing
-Generally only boys weight lift… Girls do cardio
-Many think Americans are all very overweight… fat American jokes are very popular
-They are so punctual when it comes to time!
-Yet so disorganized when it comes to everything else!
-The Bus system is so much better than ours
-Curry is the #1 food in the UK because of all the Middle Eastern people here
-Even professors act surprised when I say that ‘no I am not going to go out tonight’
-They like to make fun of Wales and their obsession with sheep
-Boys are into messy hair and faux hawks with v-neck tees
-Cider is way better than beer (in my opinion)
-You don’t see homeless people
-Shops/Restuarants are closed or closed early on Sundays

On Sunday I went to the ManCity vs. Liverpool game and it was pretty fun. I was under the impression that people in the UK were CRAAAZY about football but they definitely were much more tame than American fans. Not may people dressed in the ManCity colors but Harry Potter type scarves are very popular. They are navy and light blue thick striped and very warm…with the ManCity crest on the bottom. Their mascot is named Moochester and Kaite asked what animal it was. They were very confused and we found out that mascots aren’t really animals here they are just ‘mascots.’ Moochester looked like a cross between a cow and and an alien…not so cute.

People sit at the game and only cheer when a point is made. Liverpool fans chant the whole time. The first half ManCity was killing Liverpool 2-0 the other half Liverpool beat us 3-2. O well. The traffic was horrible getting back it took about an hour to get back whereas it should have been about 10 minutes. We weren’t sure how to walk back because there are a lot of turns to get back to Piccadilly.

Yesterday was my Operations Management class and it was just okay…like any other boring class. My work load as far as reading has gotten heavier so my free time is spent reading, working out or planning trips. I leave for Dublin, Ireland on Wednesday night and I am very excited!!! We are going to do a college bar hop, tour the Guinness Factory and go on a day long scenic tour. I would love to see some Castles but I am not the one planning this trip for once and it is a nice break.

Words US to UK:
-boy -chap
-elevators -lifts
-levels -decks
-bucks -quid (Can I borrow five bucks? would be ‘Can I borrow five quid?’)