Just do it

Victoria WongThis post was written by Victoria Wong detailing her 2008 CIEE Shanghai Summer Program experience.

One of my college goals had always been to study abroad. I didn’t know where, how, or even why, but hearing EVERY single piece of advice from those who had previously studied abroad, it was clear that I should “just do it!” I admit that studying abroad presents many obstacles such as completing the application process, figuring how the credits transfer, and applying for financial aid and scholarships, but you will hear it again and again, “It is so worth it!”

If that doesn’t make you head straight to the Foster School of Business Global Business Center and sign up for their numerous programs offerings, here are my top three reasons why you should just “GO!”

#3: Apply your business skills firsthand as you micro-manage your trip itinerary project , effectively communicate necessary completion action items with your fellow study abroad buddies, and strategically negotiate the prices of souvenirs.

#2: Companies are eager to hire those who are adaptable to new and unfamiliar environments. Utilizing UW study abroad resources allows you to have an experience like none other. It is a unique opportunity to be a temporary local in a foreign country!

#1: No matter how much ethnic food you may eat on the Ave, nothing beats an authentic meal of hand-shaven noodles prepared right off the streets. You won’t understand until you get there.

All I have to say is “make it happen!” If you are on the fence for studying abroad and are overwhelmed by the many steps to get there, I encourage you to “just do it!” It is well worth it at the end.

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