Just One Flight Away

Guest Post By: Laura Bood, a Junior studying Finance, CISB, and Spanish. She is a Global Business Center Study Abroad Scholarship Recipient, and she studied abroad through a Foster Exchange and Direct Enroll at the University of Navarra in Pamplona, Spain, during Autumn Semester 2022.

The geographical location of Spain is great for traveling around the rest of the continent (and to North Africa too!). 

It was much more affordable than I thought to travel to different countries. I took advantage of the Erasmus program and the travel agency that they have in Pamplona, Spain (called Happy Erasmus Pamplona) that organizes group trips for students to sign up for. I was scrolling through their list of options and found that they offered a five day trip to Morocco including an excursion to the Sahara and a visit to Marrakech. The round trip flight was only $80 from Zaragoza to Marrakech, and there was a fee charged by the agency. 

I traveled with about 30 other exchange students, flying to Morocco and then following the itinerary of the agency. It was incredible to be able to experience that culture and country, which was very different from Spain! The stars in the Sahara desert was my favorite view of this lifetime so far, with falling stars about once per couple minutes. The expansive smooth red sand of the Sahara was amazing to see–and the towering dunes that we navigated with a Jeep (an exhilarating experience!) 

On a study abroad trip it is important to consider if you would like to travel to other places, and make plans to go there!

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