Kicking off the Evening MBA program with ePRIME and eLEAD

Remember your first day of school? Excitement with a little bit of nervousness? That’s how I felt when I got to Foster where you get an intense first few days filled with new faces, new friends and a whole lot of learning. You meet your new team and talk about all of the readings and homework assignments that you have due even before your first day of class. Your initial thoughts are: Will I like my new team? Will we be able to work together? Will I be able to get through all of this?

You start to relax as ePRIME begins with opening presentations from Dean Jiambalvo who talks about our state-of-the-art building, Assistant Dean Poston who entertains you with the hustle and Associate Dean Turner who makes you laugh. You sit through more presentations and introductions, have lunch with your team, take pictures as a full class and end your day with drinks, appetizers and networking with current students and alumni.

So you survived the first day and now it’s time to meet your new professors for eLEAD, Morela Hernandez and Greg Bigley. You are immediately impressed with their backgrounds and style of teaching. You stay completely engaged throughout class because the discussions are actually interesting. You find that the readings on building teams and leadership development are not that difficult and you actually start enjoying them. You quickly learn how to work with your new teammates and apply your learnings to everyday work life. eLEAD classes make you feel empowered and even more excited to begin your education at Foster. It’s a great way to kick start your MBA experience at Foster!

~Guest Blogger, Rose Tucker, Evening Class of 2014