Leadership development in volatile times | Alumni lunch and learn webinar

Volatile contexts, like a global pandemic, can be challenging. But research shows these types of situations can help create leaders that are strong and more effective on the other side.

In the fourth Lunch & Learn w/Foster, principal lecturer Christina Fong aims to help alumni recast the challenges many are facing during the global pandemic not as trials and tribulations to push through, but instead as an opportunity for growth and learning, particularly for leadership development.

Fong shared some research on how the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world is something to be embraced. Research shows those who have a stronger tolerance for ambiguity are perceived by others are more effective leaders. She adds these skills are important for challenges like a pandemic, but also for the uncertain times we will likely face when the pandemic is over. In the webinar, Fong explores how leaders grow, maintain, and deploy resources during challenging times. She also offers tips and tactics for learning and building resilience individually and in a team.

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