Learning the Language of Business

Author: Dylan Rhoads, TMMBA Class of 2013

Growing up, I was fascinated by computers. Through school and as an undergraduate, I took every opportunity to learn about how to control and connect computers, eventually obtaining a degree in computer science. After learning the language of computers, I also became fascinated with foreign languages, eventually becoming proficient enough to obtain a certification in Japanese and combine it with with my technical skills to turn it into a career.
But even with these unique skills, there was a barrier in every company I joined; an invisible wall that held me back from fully participating in the leadership of the organization. This barrier was the language of business — just as subtle and nuanced as other languages, with its own culture and history, a powerful force driving the energies of the world. It was only by learning the language of business at TMMBA that I was able to break down this barrier and truly participate in conversations at my company and in partnerships and negotiations with others.
Combined with my other skills, I now know that the language of business will be with me always, assisting me in my career and in my exploration of the business world. I would recommend the TMMBA program without hesitation to anyone who feels limited in their organization and who would like to expand their global perspective. TMMBA is a truly life-changing experience.

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