Lessons to my younger self: Endre Holen on perseverance

Endre Holen is a top Senior Partner at McKinsey and Company, the world’s leading management consulting firm. In his 25+ years as a consultant, he’s successfully led the global Tech Media and Telecom practice and been a leading advisor for some of the world’s most influential CEOs.

But Endre’s humble beginnings of growing up in a small town in Norway were far from the world of executive coaching and global management consulting. Persevering through set-backs and personal limitations, Endre embodies what it means to step outside your comfort zone and achieve far beyond what you ever dreamed possible.

In the video above, Endre will take you on a journey of his professional and personal perseverance and adventures – sharing the lessons he’s learned that he wished he knew as a college student and how to put those skills and mindsets into practice today.

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