Life as an International Student in Seattle

Welcome to our very first guest contributor series! If you are curious about life as an international student at UW-Seattle, you’ve come to the right place. Introducing Aditya Sharma, an international graduate student in the Master of Supply Chain Management program. 

Aditya Sharma in Paccar Hall at University of Washington

Aditya Sharma in Paccar Hall

Imagine this: You are at the airport, waiting to board your flight to Seattle. You are feeling a lot of emotions – excitement for starting the next phase in life, sorrow because family and friends will be quite far away, and eagerness for connecting with and making new friends!

Hi from Seattle, friends! My name is Aditya. I am a graduate international student from India and here’s my take on life in Seattle:   

If you’re (over)thinking about immigration checks, moving into your rental apartment, orientations, opening a new bank account, figuring out a part-time job, meeting new peers, making friends, and safety concerns in a new country, you’re not alone! I say, it’s perfectly alright to be a little nervous.     

I think there are two mantras that will help you sail through everything here (I know they have helped me): stay organized and take one step at a time.   

The MSCM program starts in the summer, when you will be welcomed by pleasant weather with plenty of daylight. If you ask me, the transition from summer to fall after that first quarter is just beautiful!   

While surfing online and speaking to some friends around, you may have come across the infamous Seattle Freeze and Seattle rains. There are so many events, meetings, fairs, classes, hikes, activities, group discussions, parties that are sure to change your opinion of this city. And, the weather is sure to surprise you! The rains come with their share of fun since it is rarely more than light showers. Trust me, you will enjoy every aspect of Seattle’s seasons. The summers are exceptionally fine.  

As your first quarter at UW kicks in, rest assured as you will be mentored by world class faculty and have state-of-the-art facilities at your side. UW offers unparalleled amenities, right from the safety resources, medical benefits, engaging classes, networking events, international organizations such as CIRCLE, husky game events, career centers, IMA, and so much more. 

One thing to know about Seattle is that it has something for everyone. There are the mountains with a view of the picturesque Mt. Rainier, the numerous hikes and trails for running, if you are into fitness & adventure, kayaking & paddle boating, lakes & falls, winter sports, festivals, concerts, events, and so much more.  

Being in Seattle, particularly at UW has been a blessing for me. I have enjoyed and cherished every moment. I can say with conviction that there will be never come a time when you will be able to say – “I have done it all” because of the sheer number of stuff there is to do here!

I look forward to connecting with you! Please feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn