Life in Manchester

By Molly Mo, Foster Undergraduate who is participating in an exchange with the Manchester Business School at the University of Manchester in Manchester, United Kingdom. 

Being on an exchange to the University of Manchester has been one of the most awesome decisions I have ever made. Studying here is a whole lot different than in the United States. As I’m taking five classes such as finance, econ, and entrepreneurship, almost all of them only offer one final test or one essay that makes up to 100% of your grade. No group project, no presentation, and absolutely no pop quizzes, but you still have to study hard throughout the quarter otherwise be prepared to fail the final test, and that means, fail the course 🙂

During weekends, I usually go out and explore the country with my friends. Attached are photos from my recent trip to Lake District. This study abroad experience not only expands my vision as a global citizen but also enriches my cultural diversity as I’m constantly meeting new people from another cultural background. To me, everyday is a learning day, because not only I get professional knowledge from taking business classes in a prestigious business school, I also learn to interact with people from different background and appreciate their culture.


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