Management podcasts by Foster faculty

University of Washington Foster School of Business Assistant Professor of Management Michael Johnson and Assistant Professor of Management Morela Hernandez interviewed several other researchers and professors about organizational behavior in an Academy of Management 2008-2009 podcast series.

Audio interviews include new and notable management research on a wide range of topics such as shared leadership, trust in cross-cultural business relationships, stress and fairness. The topics are useful for leaders, managers, academics, students and workers in general. Listen to a few select management interviews below and share with colleagues or apply new insights to the workplace. See all management podcast topics.

mdj3[1]Michael Johnson audio interviews

Work as a Calling
Work as a Calling: Interview with J. Stuart Bunderson from Washington University in St. Louis
October 30, 2009

Early Warning Signs of Burnout
Early Warning Signs of Burnout: Interview with Christina Maslach from University of California at Berkeley
February 12, 2009

Charismatic Leadership and Emotions
Charismatic Leadership and Emotions: Interview with Amir Erez from University of Florida
July 19, 2008

morela[1]Morela Hernandez audio interviews

Does Your Boss Trust You?
Does Your Boss Trust You? Interview with Sabrina Deutsch Salamon from York University in Canada
June 24, 2009

Perceived Discrimination
Perceived Discrimination: Interview with Derek Avery from University of Houston
July 8, 2008

Team Downsizing
Team Downsizing: Interview with Scott DeRue from University of Michigan
June 7, 2008

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