Manchester Kaleidoscope

By: Tiffany Sung, Foster Undergraduate

Hello everyone! My name is Tiffany, and I’m a junior studying abroad in Manchester for a semester. It’s been a bit more than month since I’ve arrived Manchester, and every day has been filled with wonderful surprises and new discoveries. Here are some of the impressions of Manchester I’ve gained from my time abroad so far:

The University

While there isn’t a beautiful campus here like at UW, it’s quite convenient to get around and catch your classes at University of Manchester, since all buildings are mostly located along one busy street called Oxford Road. The courses here require a lot of independent reading, but other than that, they are structured similarly to UW’s classes and are mostly very interesting. The many different clubs the University has also allow us to easily make friends with people outside of the business school. I feel really lucky to have joined the photo society; meeting people who share my hobby while abroad feels great!

The City

Manchester’s weather might be even more unpredictable than Seattle’s, but that should not stop you from exploring the city during your free time. Manchester is filled with beautiful buildings; while strolling down the streets of the city centre, the old English architecture immerses you in a romantic foreign atmosphere that you could rarely experience in the States.


Of course, one can never get enough of travelling while studying abroad. So far I’ve been to York and Oxford during the weekends, and the trips were absolutely amazing! Living in Manchester, not only are other cities in England easily accessible by train, but visiting countries in Europe from Manchester can also be quite inexpensive as long as you plan well ahead of time.


With so many pubs and clubs around the University, students here will always have something to do at night. However, even if you’re not a night person and have trouble keeping your eyes open after midnight (like me…), I realized there are still many things to do during the day, such as visiting one of the many museums in the city, enjoying a show at the Royal Exchange Theatre (with great student discount ticket prices!), or simply staying in and hanging out with friends.

That’s it for now. I’ll share more about travelling after getting back from my trip to Venice, Pisa, and Rome during reading week!