Hybrid MBA JEDI Presents: Fireside Chat with Dr. Laureen Chew

DEI Event

The Hybrid MBA’s JEDI Committee hosted its first event with Dr. Laureen Chew. Hybrid MBA Student, Tiffany Shen, Class of 2021, held an engaging discussion with Dr. Chew about the history of Chinese exclusion, growing up Chinese-American in the 1950’s and facing self-hatred and shame- then emerging out of that in college at San Francisco State…

In 1968, Dr. Chew was at the forefront of the historic student strike at SF State. “The protesters called for a curriculum that reflected diversity and the creation of an ethnic studies department. The protests “were marked by violence, hundreds of arrests, months of disrupted classes and dozens of faculty firings” (KALW Radio). Ultimately, Dr. Chew went on to found the first Ethnic Studies curriculum in higher education.

Dr. Chew recalls how the BLM movement has brought back images for her from that months-long strike in the 60s. She notes one big difference is social media and believes it would have helped their cause.

The basic premise is the same…We have to accept, understand and study how racism is a strong fabric in our history. If it gets ignored and things arise…we are not going to understand it or be able to fix it.”
– Dr. Laureen Chew (20 minutes into recording).

Another important takeaway from the conversation with Dr. Chew was around the resurgence of anti-Asian sentiment since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and the importance of speaking out against hatred.


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