MBA Vegas Poker Tournament

This past MLK weekend, something curious happened in Las Vegas, NV. A sea of purple came pouring in for the annual MBA Poker Tournament and recruiting weekend. Maybe not quite a sea, but we had a great turnout. Andy Passic led an army of full time Fosters, and the Evening program was represented by the 2012, 13, and 14’s, as well as alumni! This was my second year attending and while I was impressed with our turnout last year, my expectations were definitely surpassed.

Its great having such a large group of friends from school attend an event because generally you can always find someone to do something with. We used a group chat app to communicate and figure out where people were and what they wanted to do. There were people playing poker, naturally, hanging out at the sports book and watching football games, shopping, over-indulging at the buffets, clubbing, dining, gambling, and the list goes on. I won’t get into too much detail…what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

As far as the poker tournaments, Foster represented quite well. We had a great turn-out with at least 20 people playing and oftentimes, multiple Fosters at the same table. It was nice to sit down at a table among 230 MBAs from across the country and stare at 3 other friendly Foster faces. I may not have quite felt the same as I was brutally eliminated from the tournament by one of our own and my dear friend David Liu, but I got over it. We had a few Fosterites make the payout in the Friday tournament and Ryan Fisher as the last Foster standing came painfully close at Saturday’s Championship.

All in all it was a weekend of camaraderie and fun and I am looking forward to it again next year! I’d post pictures, but as you know, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

~Guest Blogger, Olga Shapiro, Evening Class of 2013