McKenna Blenz – Google SMB Services Intern

IMG_3813Google definitely lived up to my high expectations in that the company’s culture is super fun and fast-paced. The main campus (in Mountain View) is like a medium-sized college with tons of buildings, 33 cafes, 7 gyms, and people flying around on Google bikes. If you’ve watched The Internship, I can definitely say there are some misconceptions. None of the interns compete for a limited number of job offers and everyone at Google is super welcoming, helpful, and friendly. They made the relocation as comfortable and convenient for me as possible by coordinating and providing intern housing for me in San Jose at no cost! Google also has a large shuttle service that took me to and from main campus.
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience because I loved the people that I worked with. Everyone in my department was around 22-25 years old. I spent 14 weeks on the SMB (Small and Medium Business) Services team, which works with small to medium-sized businesses in optimizing their AdWords accounts. During my time at the Googleplex, I developed a wide array of product knowledge and a high-level understanding of how AdWords impacts businesses. I learned a lot and I built great relationships with some pretty cool people. I’m excited to join the team as a full-time employee come next September!

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