Introducing the 2017 GBCC Student Leadership Team!


Macey_UW BlackThe 2017 Global Business Case Competition (GBCC) is fast approaching and the dynamic team of student leaders who organize the competition are hard at work. We have a jam packed week of international collaboration, engagement, and education in store for this year’s GBCC teams.

Every year, GBCC has a unique personality brought to life by the students who work tirelessly to make it happen. This year is no exception. It is going to be a fantastic representation of the creativity and enthusiasm represented in this year’s student leadership board. To guide their way, they developed the following endeavor statement and goals for the week:

Endeavor Statement

We want to organize the world’s best undergraduate global business case competition, where students from around the world can collaborate in a competitive but encouraging environment to develop their professional skills through outstanding experiences and real-world business challenges.

A successful competition allows the opportunity to expand the Foster School’s international community, and to enhance its international presence.


  • Strong social connections (remember the people!)
  • Run smoothly
  • Innovative business

The Global Business Center is pleased to introduce the 2017 GBCC Leadership Team:

GBCC Co-Chair: Emily Cann
Year: Senior
Major: Accounting & CISB (Spanish Track)


Fun Facts: Pizza has officially been proven to be the way to my heart. I have been to Disneyland in Paris and California. Sea turtles have been my favorite animal (besides dogs) since I swam with them in Hawai’i.






GBCC Co-Chair: Jasmine Koss
Year: Sophomore
Major: Business Administration, Chinese & CISB (Chinese Track)


Fun Facts: I studied abroad in Beijing during my junior year of high school. I love reading and my absolute favorite books are the Harry Potter series. I could eat endless pho or spaghetti!






Activities Manager: Rachel Wilson
Year: Senior
Major: Finance & Entrepreneurship


Fun Facts: I held dual citizenship for the United States and Japan until I was 18. I was born and raised on the island of O’ahu in Hawai’i. I want to spend some time in Southeast Asia volunteering at an animal sanctuary after graduation.




Activities Manager: Joy McVicker
Year: Senior
Major: Marketing, Sales Certificate & CISB (Spanish Track)


Fun Facts: One time I ate 14 cheese sticks in one sitting. I have crowd surfed at both Luke Bryan and Asher Roth concerts. I’ve swam with seals in the Galapagos.





Ambassador Manager: Henry Milander
Year: Junior
Major: Finance, Political Economies & Near Eastern Languages and Civilization


Fun Facts:  The one time I have been to the Sahara Desert it rained—go figure. Before my body rejected this idea, I used to love barefoot running. I wear a mustache because I couldn’t grow a beard. It’s rather a badge of shame actually.




Ambassador Manager: Gigi Leung
Year: Junior
Major: Accounting


Fun Facts: I lived in Japan with a host family for six weeks during summer as an cultural exchange student when I was in high school. Now, I’m going to study abroad in the Netherlands this fall! I was born in Hong Kong and moved to Wisconsin for high school when I was 13.




Competition Manager: Vine Bun
Year: Sophomore
Major: Information Systems & Marketing


Fun Facts: I was born in Cambodia and can speak Khmer. I’m not a big fan of sweets with the exception of cheesecake. I love being in the water, but I don’t know how to swim.





Competition Manager: Cindy Chen
Year: Sophomore
Majors: Accounting


Fun Facts: I’ve never tried ketchup, and eat my Oreos with ice cream. I was on the same plane as the Seattle Sounders on my flight to Denver over summer break. I’m hoping to visit all 50 states during my time in college. So far I’m up to 11!




Marketing Manager: Karla Najera
Year: Junior
Majors: Marketing & Communications


Fun Facts: I’ve practiced martial arts for 5 years. I can lion dance (a traditional Chinese dance). The doctor told my mom I was going to be a boy.





Marketing Manager: Macey McGovern
Year: Junior
Major: Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Sales & Political Science


Fun Facts: I’m definitely a thrill seeker. I’ve been bungee jumping in Australia, scuba diving in Indonesia, and skydiving in New Zealand. I can speak three languages, approximately 1.8 fluently. I have seven different Domino’s phone numbers in my phone. It’s an issue.

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