Meet Anthony Gasero, Class of 2024

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Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I grew up in the Seattle area, and I pursued my Bachelor’s degree at UW after being a first-generation student. During undergrad, the UW helped connect me to my Native American culture, where I still continue to mentor Native students today. I always knew the University of Washington was going to be a place I continued to call home.
Sports have been a huge part of my life. Before I started my MBA at Foster, I was a quarterback’s coach at Issaquah high school. I’m very passionate about UW Football and Basketball, cycling, and coaching.

Where did you start your career and what led you to choose the Evening MBA program at the UW Foster School of Business?

Anthony Gasero and UW Quarterback Sonny Sixkiller

UW Quarterback Sonny Sixkiller and Anthony Gasero

I started my career at a tech startup working in business development. I currently work for Boeing as a Supply Base Manager. When I was a senior at UW, there was an evening when I was walking through Paccar Hall to go home after studying (or maybe cramming for a test). I noticed these students laughing, asking each other about their workdays, and overall seeming to be invested in each others’ lives. After learning they were Evening MBA students, I continued to learn more about the MBA programs at Foster and it was pretty much at that moment I wanted to be a part of the Foster family.

I chose the Evening Program at Foster for the location, to challenge myself intellectually from a top faculty, and to engage with equally driven peers. Included in Foster’s purpose statement is, “We foster leaders who better humanity through action” – the combination of the purpose statement and the Foster community made my decision easy. I wanted to join a program that was going to compliment my goal-oriented personality and Foster has welcomed that.

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How do you balance family/friends, work and school?

Balance works in different ways with different people. I think knowing what your true values are, who you want to make an impact on, and what you want to make an impact on, will help put you in a good spot. I like to keep a routine and set goals in those three areas to help with my balance.

How have your fellow classmates influenced your experience in the program so far?

The best thing about the program, without a doubt, is the community. From participating at C4C Sports Weekend to the weekly after class happy hours, you can see the respect and admiration that we all have for one another. From our interactions, my classmates have inspired me to rethink and reflect on what I want in my life. They have challenged my ideas for personal growth and broadened my perspective on a few things. One of them being my Native American community. Throughout the next chapters in my life, I expect to have significantly supported my Indigenous community, and I will look back at my time at Foster and thank the community for influencing me to do so.

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