Meet the Hybrid MBA Student Council

Fall 2020, the Hybrid MBA program launched a student council to give students the opportunity to represent their cohort and elevate feedback to the program administration, while also helping to implement and communicate program ideas to their fellow students. Now halfway through the year, the student council has become a vital voice in the Hybrid MBA Program.

“My intent is to have a forum for students to feel a sense of ownership in the success of our program.”  – Jodey Farwell, Hybrid MBA Director

The Faces of the Hybrid MBA Student Council 2020-2021

The Hybrid MBA Student Council is a group of nine student representatives spanning both first-year and second-year cohorts.

Chair – Steve Mortenson

Steve schedules and runs student council meetings, shares out meeting notes with the hybrid staff, and pushes out announcements for the program. He also serves as the main student contact for the program staff. 

“I hope to be able to provide an entrepreneurial spirit to the council as it is being developed and to ensure the council has a focus on fostering cohort relationships throughout the remainder of the program and into the future.” 

Vice-Chair – Amanda Tatum

Amanda works in partnership with the chair and ensures there is proper delegation of roles and responsibilities. She regularly meets and collaborates with the other members of the council and across other Foster program student groups.

“I adore setting up processes that enable people to do their best work, which is how I see my role as part of council. It excites me to be a part of the inaugural council for our Hybrid program, which is like a start-up, with a supportive Foster community all around us.”

Events & Engagement Representative – Grace McIntosh

Grace proposes social event ideas to program staff quarterly. She then executes events in coordination with other council members. She serves as the face and emcee of student events at quarterly immersions! 

“I have become fiercely loyal to the Foster School of Business and relish any opportunity to represent the school, support program initiatives, and influence current students and the future of the HMBA program.” 

Curriculum Representative – Tim Maddox

Tim has a strong understanding of course experience across cohorts and provides course feedback to the program staff that represents the whole student body. 

“My professional background is in learning and development, so I am excited by the opportunity to engage with, and learn from, the program’s course development staff, who I think have done an excellent job overall with the curriculum.” 

Social Media & Communications Representative – Suki Ngan

Suki ideates and executes at least one social media campaign per quarter. In collaboration with the program staff, she posts often on Facebook and Instagram. This allows for students to connect with one another and for those interested in the program to receive a behind the scenes of the student experience. 

“It cannot be denied that the internet has given us another way to get closer to each other, especially during this pandemic. This role gives me the chance to help my peers connect with each other and form the bond between the school and the students, and also across the cohorts.” 

 JEDI Representative – Tiffany Shen

Tiffany serves on the JEDI task force and works in tandem with the task force and Student Council on events and initiatives. She is responsible for incorporating a Inclusion & Equity lens and best practices to the Student Council initiatives and meetings. 

“I hope this position can continue to grow and be the social and racial justice voice to guide the Hybrid program on a course of continual learning as its primary objective.”

Career Management Representative – Shannon Andrews

Shannon assists the Hybrid Career Management team with professional and career development ideas and activities.She also provides networking opportunities across both cohorts. 

“I am very interested in making a positive impact on our student experience in my final year, as well as being an advocate of program enhancements for future classes.” 

First Year Representatives – Elaine Baik and Zack Vogt

Elaine and Zack represent their cohort on the Council and support council members on their individual initiatives. 

“The Student Council opens another horizon to foster communication and feedback on a personal level.” – Elaine Baik

“Like much of my cohort, I identify as an environmentalist, veteran, advocate of the underprivileged, and parent. I bring these identities to the board and leverage them to encourage greater involvement with our digital teams.” – Zack Vogt

Accomplishments from 2020-2021 

After only half of a year after their inception, the Student Council has had countless accomplishments and held many successful events. These include creating and publishing a Student Council Charter and Bylaws, developing social media competitions and hosting numerous events aimed at helping Hybrid MBA students network, socialize, and connect beyond the classroom.

At Hybrid’s quarterly immersions, the student council has hosted immersive virtual social events. Other events they have planned include the Dr. Chew fireside chat, a virtual murder mystery, pumpkin carving, secret Santa, trivia night, monthly professional networking socials and quarterly town halls. During the 2020 election, the council provided support to the Hybrid community by hosting JEDI focused events.

In a short amount of time, the student council has become an integral part of the Hybrid MBA program. They provide an opportunity for students to voice their opinions, connect with their peers and collaborate with the program staff.

As a young program, the Hybrid MBA is constantly growing and evolving to fit the needs of the students and the rapidly changing world.

Learn more about another Hybrid MBA student group here: Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Committee.

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