Mentoring Moments explores the transformative nature of mentoring relationships

Susan Canfield

Can you be both a mentor and a mentee at the same time? Is mentoring a formal relationship, or does it evolve organically? What does great mentoring look like?

Susan Canfield, director of the MBA Mentor Program at the Foster School of Business, recently published Mentoring Moments (March 2009) to explore these questions. To get at the heart of meaningful mentorship, Susan delves into eight mentor/mentee relationships across divergent industries, company sizes and personalities.

Mentoring Moments not only examines the ways in which mentoring can be transformative for both mentor and mentee, it also serves as a map toward changing trends in the way mentoring happens. For example:

Traditional view of mentoring Evolving view of mentoring
You are either a mentor or a mentee You are both at the same time
A mentor must be more senior than the mentee A mentor is anyone from whom you can learn
The mentor structures and drives the relationship The mentee drives the relationship
Mentoring is a formal relationship Mentoring is often organic and may be based solely on observation


What’s Inside?

Mentoring Moments features interviews with the following pairs of mentors and their mentees:

  • Richard Tait, Co-founder, Cranium; chief boomboom, boomboom brands and Chris Howard, MBA 2007
  • Mike Mondello, President & CEO, SeaBear Company and Heidi Otto, MBA 2007
  • Lynn Parker, Principal & Co-founder, Parker LePla and Nicole Pargoff, MBA 2008
  • Alan Frazier, Founder & Managing Partner, Frazier Healthcare & Technology Ventures and Lisa Meyr, MBA 2008
  • Tom Giordano, Former VP Marketing, Philips Medical Systems and Maria Gerea, MBA 2004
  • Stewart Parker, Founder & Former CEO, Targeted Genetics and Eric Keeler, MBA 2001
  • Phyllis Campbell, President & CEO, The Seattle Foundation and Rebecca Lovell, MBA 2006
  • Sally Jewell, CEO, REI; University of Washington Board of Regents and John Sheppard, MBA 2001

Read an excerpt from Canfield’s interview with mentor Sally Jewell, CEO of REI.

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KPLU’s Bellamy Pailthorp recently interviewed Susan Canfield about Mentoring Moments. Listen to the interview.

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