Growth & Support: Why Choose Foster. Q & A with Mikaela Winter, MBA 2021

Hometown: Seattle, Wa

Profession: Project management and operations, energy and sustainability

Why Foster?

As soon as I started getting to know the Foster program, I was confident that it was the right place for me. The students, staff, and faculty that I interacted with during the application process exuded a shared sense of pride, dedication, rigor and joy in the people and experience of the Foster community. Not only did it feel like a place where I would be challenged and provided the opportunities and resources to excel professionally, it felt like a community of people that would care for and support me through the process. The Foster program is as much a personal growth experience as it is a career and academic one. It is holistic in its approach to supporting and mentoring student’s whole selves, and reminds us to not forget to have fun along the way. Being on campus as a prospective student sealed the deal for me, and I am grateful to be a part of this community.

Student Experience

What has been your favorite part of the Foster MBA experience so far?

Building relationships and a sense of comradery among our class. As corny as it sounds, I feel like I found my people here. Everyone in this program has something unique and impressive to offer and that makes the academic and social experiences a ton of fun. In just 6 months, I have learned so much from my classmates. They continue to inspire me to show up as my best self every day, even with the challenges that working and going to school bring. This is truly an invaluable part of this program.

How has the Evening MBA Program contributed to your career trajectory?

My experience in this program thus far is helping to bring a deeper sense of clarity and focus to my career. The two driving forces behind my career are utilizing business resources to tackle social and environmental issues and teaching. Not only have I gained skills that make me a more valuable employee every day, the resources provided by the Foster program allow me to feel empowered in identifying and tackling next steps in my career and are profoundly enhancing my growth in these areas.

Mikaela Winter is a member of the evening MBA class of 2021. She is currently the Business Operations Manager for the Sales team at 3Degrees. She manages systems, people and processes that allow her organization to help businesses and their customers take urgent action on climate change. Prior to 3Degrees, Mikaela worked as a Senior Associate for the City of Seattle analyzing the implementation of Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan over the past 20 years to inform the Seattle 2035 Comprehensive Plan. Outside of work and school, Mikaela loves to run, play soccer, travel, and explore the outdoors.

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