Mindfulness meditation in the workplace | Alumni lunch and learn webinar

Mindfulness meditation is the practice of cultivating awareness of the present moment. Research shows it can reduce negative emotions, depression and anxiety while increasing psychological functioning. This practice can be particularly helpful for people as they cope with the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Andy Hafenbrack, assistant professor at Foster, discussed his research on mindfulness meditation in the workplace in the third of the Lunch & Learn w/Foster: A Webinar Series. He explained how the research was conducted and the benefits for the individual and for teams. That’s why many companies, including Google and the Seahawks, have implemented mindfulness programs. Hafenbrack also offers some tips and different practice techniques to help incorporate meditation into every day life.

When it comes to mindfulness in the workplace, however, his research shows the practice can reduce motivation and is not always helpful in improving employee performance. He says that while there’s evidence it can backfire, mindfulness meditation is still helpful.

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