Missing the PNW – Hiking in Seoul

By Hannah Kim, Foster Undergraduate who is participating in an exchange with Yonsei University

IKorea Hannah Kim 1f you start missing all the nature and greenery around Seattle, Seoul is an amazing place because just a short 45 minute subway ride away and you can get out to the mountains. Seoul is literally built on mountains. So everywhere you go, there is a peak you can summit. Even Yonsei University is right next to a small mountain and there are many trails you can go on just behind the school.

Hiking is a national pastime in Korea, especially for people our parents and grandparents age. They facilitate socializing paired with staying healthy and active, which are two very important things in Korean culture. Many groups will drink Makgeoli (Korean rice wine) and enjoy it at the summit. There were lots of large groups of both Korean natives and tourists the weekend we went because it’s the “Fall Leaves” season which in itself is a huge deal here. For a few weeks, all the leaves all over the city are turning beautiful fall colors, which make for great outings and great pictures. Fall here is comparable to fall in Seattle!

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