“Monolingualism can be cured” – Anonymous

Interesting quote I found today.  I don’t think monolingualism is a disease, but I do think everyone should try to learn at least one other language in his or her lifetime.


This coming weekend is the Moon Cake Festival, or “Mid-Autumn Festival”.  I’ve already bought my speed rail/bullet train tickets to Taichung and will be spending this weekend with my grandparents and cousins to celebrate the festivities.

An afternoon at Danshui, Taipei, Taiwan

An afternoon at Danshui, Taipei, Taiwan

This will be my first time (that I can remember) being in Taiwan with relatives to celebrate this holiday; I’ve been told there will be a lot of Chinese barbecuing involved?

I’m excited!  I hope to take lots of photos to share with you guys later.

In the last two weeks or so, I’ve had a really great time in Taipei.  I’ve only ever come back to visit family, so I never really made any local friends or really immersed myself into the daily life that is living in Taiwan.  Since moving here and starting school, I’m experiencing a part of Taiwan and Taipei I never got to before; I love it!  Last weekend, I went on a trip to Danshui (the northern part of Taipei) and spent the evening hanging out with some new Taiwanese girl friends: snacking at the Night Market, chatting and joking around, and sitting by the bay enjoying the sunset.  The girls were so sweet and so funny!  I’m really happy to be here, I feel like I’m starting to get reacquainted with a small part of me that I had long forgotten.