Mother’s Day

Lucas Perin, TMMBA Student

When you join the TMMBA, you need a constant reminder that you need to plan ahead. If you don’t, it bites you back. The current example: we have a class on Saturday where we will learn something about the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC), and we have to prepare two cases for Monday. In between, there is Mother’s Day. Most people in our groups have mothers (or children), and that becomes a little problematic. To add up, we also have a final paper for Global Management due on Monday and a Macroeconomy exam due on Thursday, plus everything I’m essentially forgetting about, such as the pre-reads.

If we detected the problem a month ago, we could have try to learn the subject on our own, or maybe we could have asked for an extension. Now we are in the risk zone. Come to think about it, the class this Saturday is about risk. It all makes sense now: in the TMMBA, you have learnings that you can apply directly to your life. It just may not be in the way you expected.

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