Mountainous Hikes and City strolls in Morocco

Written by: Jennifer Joe, Foster Undergraduate
JenniferJoe1_SmTo start off, Morocco is one of the most beautiful countries out there. Each city has its own unique personality and even each building seems to maintain its own distinctive character. While I thoroughly enjoyed exploring these cities, my most memorable experience will be the one where I got to eat my dinner watching the sun set amongst the High Atlas Mountains, where I got to enjoy peaceful moments of tranquility underneath stars on a clear night without a hint of technology or busy cities around me, and where I got to watch donkeys and goats roam around free on mountain sides that would have been impossible for me to scale without seriously injuring myself. My trek through the High Atlas Mountains was an unforgettable experience where I learned a lot about myself. We had to hike for most of the day during the three day trek to get to our final destination and we had no technology or running water for all of it. Each day presented a new physical challenge and each day I would spend a significant amount of time just observing my surroundings and all that nature has to offer. It’s in those times that contemplation and reflection really kicks in. Every little thing begins to mean a lot to you and every simple thing starts to become significant to you. It was like taking a step back in time. When it comes to a trip like this this, I can’t think of a better way to really get to know the people around you and create a special bond that can’t be imitated easily. An experience like this makes you become truly mindful of the present moment and enjoy the company of others and appreciate the unique personalities that make up a group of 19 people. You learn that everyone brings something good to the table- whether it be stories, jokes, optimism, outdoor skills, or supplies. It also gives you a new found appreciation for nice hiking boots and moleskin.JenniferJoe2