MSCM: New Class Meets the Current Class

Spring at the University of Washington welcomes the annual bloom of our famous Yoshino Cherry trees. It is also a time when new students are welcomed with acceptances. At the Foster Master of Supply Chain Management program, we are proud to admit a strong and unique incoming cohort of students for the Class of 2022. We hope they are as excited to meet us, as we are them. In the spirit of this, we held an admitted students meet up with the current class where they were able to ask questions over Zoom. Read below to get the inside scoop.

The MSCM cohort is comprised of a great blend of students with diverse professional experience, and educational and cultural backgrounds including life-long Washingtonians, executive professionals, international students, and recent graduates. The diverse backgrounds of MSCM students allow for diverse program experiences for each incoming cohort.

A Network for Working Professionals

Current MSCM class member, Tami Vanderpoel has over three decades of professional experience and shares her top tips for success as an MSCM student and a full-time working professional.

How do you balance work and school as a Foster MSCM student?

“My time management philosophy was to make sure my time was appropriately segmented. When you’re in school and working at the same time, it’s easy to let it all blend together but making sure there is a clear distinction between “class-time” and “work-time” will allow you to stay on top of everything.”

The Foster MSCM program makes this easy to achieve with a schedule made to suit the needs of working professionals with evening and weekend classes, so usual business hours are completely free.

Let’s Talk About International Students

Students come from all over the globe to learn from Foster’s esteemed faculty, like current MSCM student and ambassador, Janet Luk who originally hails from China. For most international students a major concern when taking the plunge to move to a different country for education is the potential barriers to access when seeking employment. The Foster Career Center is ready to support its international students from day one, so they are prepared to enter the job market.

Can you shed some light on the job-hunting process for international students?

“As an F1/J1 international student it’s important you get your OPT and or CPT certifications squared away with the International Student Services Office before seeking employment or internships,” Janet explains. “Alternatively students may be able to complete an independent study with a local company for academic credit.”

During the spring quarter, all MSCM students participate in a capstone project which is industry-sponsored and it’s also another great way to get some experience and network prior to graduating.

Lastly, the Foster Career Center offers services year-round, starting as early as the summer. “I highly recommend setting up regular mock interviews with them, so once you start actually interviewing for jobs, you’re a natural,” Janet states.

Full Immersion for Full-Time Students

Jack Brunell is a full-time student who is a member of the current MSCM class and is also a “double dawg,” having previously received his economics degree from the University of Washington as well. Just because he is a full-time student, does not mean it is all work and no play. It’s a little bit of both actually.

How do you make the most out of your MSCM degree?

“Be present from day one. I know it sounds cliché but just like everything else in life an MSCM degree is only what you make out of it. Start out strong with orientation and before classes start by making the most out of the resources provided to you, especially the Foster Excel online Canvas course. Believe me, it will come in handy more than once.”

Lastly, according to Jack, an MSCM grad’s strongest strength is their ability to intersect at the crossroad between supply chain acumen and data fluency. There are going to be candidates who completely focus on data, and others who focus solely on the softer side of the industry, but Jack knows from first-hand experience there are only a few individuals in the market, like himself and his classmates that can equally blend both skills with ease.

All in all, we are very excited to welcome our new cohort in June!


Written by Maryam Noor
MSCM Writer & Content Strategist
[email protected]

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