Foster’s Master of Supply Chain Management degree launches ambassador program

MSCM students
To better acquaint prospective MSCM students with the Master of Supply Chain Management student experience, MSCM has just launched an exciting new student ambassador program. Acting as ambassadors of the MSCM program, current MSCM students connect with prospective students during class visits, at on and off-campus events, and over email.

Here’s what one prospective student had to say about their experience;

… my student guide, was extremely insightful about the program, and the university life. Her perspective on how to get the best value out of the program were practical and perceptive. She also had useful pointers for how I should approach my application. It helped tremendously to spend time with someone with the clarity of thought, having gone through the complete process not too long ago.”

The MSCM Ambassador program is great for current students as well. Current MSCM Ambassador Brandon Villareal had this to say about his experience being an ambassador;

As someone who was helped by a MSCM ambassador last year, it’s awesome to be able to return the favor and help prospective students experience the program first hand and determine if MSCM is a right fit.”

There are over a dozen students in the MSCM ambassador program. Many students have already been in communication with prospective applicants, hosting and taking visitors to lunch during class visits. Meet two of our ambassadors below:

MSCM student Sarkipato AndyName: Andy Sarkipato

Hometown: Seattle, WA (I grew up in Kalamazoo, MI but I have been in Seattle for 2 years and moved here from Columbus, OH)

Why did you want to be an ambassador for the MSCM program?
I have absolutely loved my experience to date as a student in the MSCM class of ’18. All of the professors, students, and administrators have been outstanding and I am learning more about Supply Chain now than ever before. All of the concepts we have been learning are very practical and applicable in today’s business environment and I joined the ambassador program to share my enthusiasm for the program with prospective students.


MSCM student Iris Yao

Name: Iris Yao

Hometown: Jinan, Shandong, China

Why did you want to be an ambassador for the MSCM program?

My experience with MSCM has been very valuable and I want to share that with others. When I was applying for the program, I got a lot of help from the students who were in the program. As an ambassador, I can help bring awareness to others and address their concerns or questions.

Meet all of the ambassadors on the MSCM website. If you’re a prospective student interested in connecting with a student ambassador, send us an email at [email protected] to schedule your visit.

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