MSTax Admissions: is the GMAT necessary?

MSTax studentsMany graduate schools around the country are opting out of using the GMAT as a measure for admissions. There appears to be little correlation between how one does on the GMAT and how one does in grad school. However, there are times when taking the GMAT could be helpful.

Low Grades

Some students have experienced some rough times, financial difficulties, health problems, etc, which explain some low grades on a transcript, but without adequate grades, the MS Tax admissions committee will be looking for other ways to evaluate an applicant. Assuming the GMAT score is above average, the score could balance out the low grades.

International Students

Since schools outside the US, and their grading systems, are less familiar to the admissions committee, the grades from other countries carry less weight. In addition, students from other countries are often still working on their English skills, and MS Tax requires a high level of English language proficiency. For these reasons, MS Tax admissions strongly recommends that international students submit an official GMAT score as well as an official TOEFL score.

However, for students whose native language is English, who did their undergraduate degree here in the US, who have strong grades, and are majoring in Accounting, there is NO reason to take the GMAT exam.

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