5 Must-Have Student Experiences as Told By MSCM Student Zhihua Wang

5 Must-Have Student Experiences as Told By MSCM Class of 2020 Zhihua Wang

All photos in this post are courtesy of Zhihua Wang

If you have been keeping up with our blog or joined us on instagram, then you know there are a number of reasons to join the Master of Supply Chain Management at the University of Washington. We have highlighted everything from unique professional development resources, to ample networking opportunities via case competitions, conferences or fireside chats, and distinguished faculty in the classroom. However, there is one area we have yet to explore in depth, and that’s the range of activities to experience in the region. One of the bonuses of studying with the Pacific Northwest as your backdrop is the variety and diversity of activities available within reasonable distance. It is without a doubt, one of the top perks that make the student experience extra special. MSCM student Zhihua Wang, a native of Lanzhou, the capital city of northwest China’s Gansu province, shared a few of his must-have student experiences to have while at UW.

1. Attend a Sports Event

One of the must-have student experiences is watching a sports events The University of Washington- Seattle Campus competes in 18 sports at the Division I level. Each game is an opportunity to root for your fellow huskies, as they compete at the highest collegiate level. The exhilaration of cheering alongside hundreds of alumni, students, and fans, is unlike any other. MSCM hosts a yearly tailgate for students and alumni to share in this experience together. Pro tip: You can purchase a Dawg Pack season ticket for football and men’s basketball games to cheer as part of the student section, all season long. Students are also eligible for free entry to all other sporting events!

What I love about sports and sporting events is that they have the ability to connect people from different countries. So much of the charm of competitive sports lies in the uncertainty of the outcome. You never know what’s going to happen next, as the defending champion, or as the underdog, and I think that’s something very special to experience, especially with other people.

2. Visit the Space Needle

Another one of the must-have student experiences is visiting the widely known space needle.Space Needle is an iconic landmark built in 1962 for the World Fair. Many people don’t know that this landmark (once the tallest building west of the Mississippi), was built in just 13 months. It has made numerous appearances on TV shows, movies, and works of fiction, and is widely known all around the world. Most popularly, it has appeared on the classic Sleepless in Seattle film, TV series Frasier, and even music videos, like that of local celebrity, Macklemore. As an iconic symbol of Seattle, this is one of the must-have student experiences for anyone that finds themselves studying in the PNW.

I first came to Seattle in 2017 as an exchange student, and knew I had to visit the Space Needle. When you mention Seattle, it’s the first thing people reference. I knew about it from watching Sleepless in Seattle. The Space Needle is super simple, but so different from other buildings I have ever seen, and the lake view from the top makes it more beautiful. I like that when there is a special event, the flag changes. For example, recently the Seattle Sounders soccer team won the MLS Cup and the Space Needle displayed their flag.

3. Hike Mt. Rainier

The next of the must-have student experiences is hiking to mt. rainier.

Mt. Rainier is another iconic albeit natural symbol of the PNW. Just 59 miles from the city, this active volcano can be seen from campus at the Drumheller Fountain on a clear day. However, it is worth the trek to see it up close for its varying landscapes, wildlife, and climates. Hiking is a favorite pastime in the PNW, and this gem is just a two-hour drive away, and open year round!

Seattle is a great city because you have both the mountains and the sea. It is always good to connect with nature to get fresh air after studying or work. I enjoyed exploring the trails and the snow at Mt. Rainier.

4. Picnic at Gas Works Park

Next, a must-have of the student experiences is a picnic at gas works park.

You do not want to pass up an opportunity to picnic on the hill that is Gas Works Park. On a sunny (or even slightly cloudy) day, you can hop on a bike or walk via the Burke Gilman trail from campus and be there in less than 15 minutes. This public park is the former site of the Seattle Gas Light Company plant and has views of South Union Lake, Downtown Seattle, and the Space Needle.

There are so many beautiful parks in Seattle, but Gas Works is one of my favorites. There are always friendly dogs there and it’s a great place to have a picnic with friends.

5. Take a Quick Flight to the California Sunshine

Lastly, one of the must-have student experiences is taking a quick trip to California

If any other thing is synonymous with Seattle, it is the grey, cloudy weather. During the winter months, it can feel like an endless sea of grey skies and rain. Students have many coping mechanisms, whether it’s spending time indoors reading, or hitting the slopes. However, a favorite alternative is taking a quick 2-hour flight down the coast to California, where the sun is almost always shining. The blue sunny skies are a nice break after weeks of clouds and rain. 

In the winter, Seattle starts to feel cold and dark, earlier and earlier. It is nice to get away from the rain, especially for people who aren’t used to this weather. It’s the perfect time to go to California. I enjoyed going to Santa Monica and relaxing with the waves. It felt great to be able to get away for a weekend.

There you have it. Five must-have student experiences to make your graduate school days memorable. These are just a few examples of everything the region has to offer. To discover more for yourself, schedule your campus visit today! We look forward to it. 

Written by Olga Jimenez
MSCM Content Strategy Writer
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