Navigating the Microsoft reimbursement process

Nhi Huong Huynh, TMMBA Finance Analyst

Many Microsoft employees have questions about the tuition reimbursement process when joining TMMBA. I would like to share with you the process as it was explained to me by one of our current Class 12 students.  You will need to do the pre-approval steps before the quarter starts, and submit all requested information at the end of quarter.  See the following steps for the process:

Submit Pre-Approval Request:

  1. Submit an online pre-approval request within 30 days of the start of your course/program (http://mymicrosoftbenefits>Extras>Tuition Assistance Program>Pre-Approval and Reimbursement).  You will need a breakdown of the quarter’s program cost, which is provided to you by TMMBA each quarter.
  2. After you submit your pre-approval request, ADP (Automatic Data Processing) will send an email message to your manager to verify that you are performing at a satisfactory level in your current job and that your requested coursework is related to your current job.
  3. Your manager will have 10 days to respond to the email message. ADP will notify you after a response is received.

Submit Reimbursement Request:

  1. After your course is completed, submit your grades and any additional course fees to ADP online.
  2. Send the required supporting documentation listed below to ADP via an email message, fax, or regular mail, within 90 days from the course completion date.
    • Reimbursement Request form as cover sheet
    • Grade report (UW has an online student portal called MyUW where you can access grade reports)
    • Itemized receipts for tuition and other eligible fees ( Provided by TMMBA by the end of the quarter)

After you submit all required documents and your request is approved, ADP will mail reimbursements to your home address within 7 – 10 business days.

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