TMMBA Class of 2019: New Student Happy Hour

The Technology Management MBA Program (TMMBA) recently welcomed the new Class of 2019 cohort with a happy hour event. New admits met up at Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Bellevue, where they were able to mingle with their fellow classmates for the first time. We talked to Ellie Lemar and Toaha Ahmad to see how they enjoyed the event and discuss their attitude towards the upcoming program start.

What was your favorite part about the New Student Happy Hour?

Ellie Lemar, pictured second from the left at the TMMBA New Student Happy Hour

Ellie: My favorite part of the New Student Happy Hour was the atmosphere! I was a bit nervous going into a room filled with strangers who would soon be my classmates; but I left feeling excited and inspired because of the professional and collaborative atmosphere set by our University of Washington TMMBA hosts.

Toaha: For me the best part was having the chance to meet a passionate bunch of individuals from various technology and non-technology fields. I loved learning everyone’s perspectives on how technology is enabling a better future for us, and how each one of them would like to be a part of it.  

What was the most impressive aspect you learned about your new classmates?

Ellie: I am incredibly impressed by the company representation we have in the upcoming TMMBA cohort. This is a really talented class filled with representation from a range of tech giants to start-ups around Seattle. I am excited to be a part of this accomplished team, and learn from all of the diverse and differing experiences of others.

Toaha: I would say there were a lot of impressive learnings from the night, however one thing that did stand out was enthusiasm related to entrepreneurship.

How has meeting your new classmates affected your attitude on starting the program?

Ellie: After meeting my new classmates, I feel both more excited and more at ease to begin the TMMBA program. The New Student Happy Hour was my first experience meeting with the people who will be on the TMMBA journey with me. The Happy Hour was a great icebreaker event to allow the students to connect with each other and the school staff before classes begins.

Toaha Ahmad, pictured to the left at the New Student Happy Hour

Toaha: I am pretty excited about it and looking forward to the start of the program even more. It was definitely energizing to meet everyone and I can’t wait to learn from each one of my classmates.

What made you choose the TMMBA Program?

Ellie: For me, the TMMBA Program is an investment in my future. I have a background in technology, but I want to expand my career deeper into management.

Toaha: In order for me to grow professionally and take full advantage of the current technology landscape, I feel it is critical for me to get a MBA. TMMBA program is very well set up to immerse the students in management, leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship aspects of the business with a very practical application in technology sector. Also, the tech diversity that you get from PNW helps enrich this program. These reasons really resonated with my goals, and made my decision easier to choose TMMBA.

What are you most looking forward to about TMMBA?

Ellie: I am most looking forward to my transformation throughout the program. From me becoming more educated, creating a better network for myself, and preparing my career for my future, I know that the program will help develop me into the technology leader I want to become!

Toaha: I am really looking forward to learn how various aspects impact a technology business and to gain a holistic understanding of a successful technology venture. Furthermore, I would like to take full advantage to build a strong and impactful professional network.

Thank you to all the students that were able to make it, we look forward to having each and every one of you as a part of our program!

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