Not to Miss Tips on the TMMBA Application

The September 1 Technology Management MBA application deadline is fast approaching! With that in mind, I want to share some really good tips on the application process that you might have missed in the TMMBA blog archives.

1. Preparing for the GMAT

Last year a TMMBA staff member took the GMAT so she could share her experience first-hand with applicants. To simulate the experiences that many applicants go through, she studied during non-work hours for less than two months and used many of the study techniques that we recommend at TMMBA.   Here’s a post from each week of preparation:

2. Tackle the Essays

As part of the TMMBA application, you are required to submit three essays, each 500 words or less.

  • Why have you decided to apply to the TMMBA Program? What are your career goals in the next 5 to 10 years and how will an MBA help you reach these goals?
  • In essay format, evaluate and describe your career using the four factors of the SWOT analysis framework.
  • Where in your background would we find evidence of your leadership capacity or potential? Describe the situation and the impact you had on a person, group or organization.

If you’re having a hard time getting started and are suffering from writer’s block, read our 5 Tips For Your TMMBA Essays.

If you’re not sure what a SWOT analysis is or how write one for your career, don’t miss this post: The SWOT Analysis Essay and the Four Questions We Are (Really) Asking.

3. Acing the Admissions Interview

The admissions interview is the final step in the process of applying to the TMMBA Program.  Our Program Director, Tracy Gojdics, has done a lot of these over the years (461 and counting!) and has learned a lot about interviewing and engaging with applicants. She wrote this post to shed light on the TMMBA interview approach and what you can expect.

Do you still have questions about putting together your best possible application? Check out these additional video tips and sign up for a TMMBA Application Workshop.   

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