Office communication: When is it good to be blunt, and when should one be subtle?

In her dissertation on managerial communication styles, Misha Mariam, a Foster PhD student, aims to identify which communication styles are most effective for different managerial purposes across diverse organizational contexts. She’s working with Xiao-Ping Chen, Professor of Management and Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs at the Foster School.  

Through extensive data collection from multiple organizations in the United States and India, Mariam plans to identify which styles can maximize employee efficiency, creativity, well-being, as well as other work outcomes 

You can contribute in this endeavor for evidence-based management practices by participating in the research project. All you need to do is: 

  • Take the online survey 
  • Nominate your subordinate or supervisor to take the survey 

Each survey is approximately 15-25 minutes long. 

You can take this survey even if you are retired or taking a break from work. Simply answer the questions based on your past experience and nominate any former manager or subordinate.  

By participating in this research project, you can help Mariam complete her dissertation work and help to ensure that managerial practices are driven by science, not pop-psychology.  

And to sweeten the deal, by completing the surveys you and your nominee have a chance to win Apple Air Pods, FitBit Versa Smart watch, Amazon Echo, Ember Smart Mug, Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, Fitbit Aria 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale, and more! 

Sold on participating?

Click here to take the online survey!

In case you are wondering, this research is in compliance with the mandate of the UW Institutional Review Board (IRB), a research monitoring body which ensures that researchers strictly follow data privacy and confidentiality standards. No information you provide in these surveys will be shared with anyone outside the research team (including but not limited to your managers, colleagues, friends, family, acquaintances, and any other private or public entity) 

Ready. Set. Survey. 

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