Paris, Part Deux

The weekend before last I had the privilege to visit Paris once again, passing by a few quartiers for the second time and exploring some new scenes as well. Not getting out of class until five Friday night, I caught the evening train and arrived in Paris around 9:30… just in time for the end of the France v Ireland rugby match- for those of you who aren’t aware, the Rugby World Cup is currently taking place in France. I met up with my two American friends Ricara and Shay and we found the streets covered people screaming, everyone decked out in their country’s colors, waving flags, some only wearing a flag, etc. Since the World Cup started, I have found this to be the norm on game nights and accept the bleu, blanc, et rouge painted fans screaming in the streets gratefully as they never cease to provide entertainment!

After an eventful night out with rugby fans, we woke up Saturday morning a little groggy but ready to see Paris nonetheless. We started the day with a café and suisse (a pastry that is similar to pain au chocolat but has a creamier texture) next to Notre Dame and made the hike from there all the way down the Champs Elyssée, ending with l’Arc de Triomphe. Five hours of walking later, we were slightly exhausted so we headed to the hostel to collect our things and change locations to the Paris Hilton… yeah, somehow we lucked out and Shay’s brother wanted to “put her up” for their last night in Europe so we spent the night in ridiculous class with the Eiffel Tower literally 100 yards from our balcony. From there we headed to Montemarte were we climbed the endless steps to see its renowned view of Paris by night. It was absolutely gorgeous and to top it off, they have live music there on week-ends. Tired from a long day of walking, we returned to the hotel.The next morning, the girls had to catch their plane so we parted ways and I headed off for the Mussé d’Orsay, which I would have to say is about my favorite museum now. It was amazing to see everything from Monet, to Renoir, to Klimpt, but the decadent Grand Ballroom was probably my favorite. After four hours in the musée, I had only seen the first two floors and decided to save the rest for another trip. Having slipped a few baguettes, cheese, and fruit into my bag from the handsome Hilton breakfast, I made my way to le Jardin du Luxembourg to eat lunch in the park. I started my lunch reading my Harry Potter book (being the dork I am, I decided to reread the series in French) but was soon joined by two old French ladies who were kind enough to keep me company. As many people here like to do, the minute they discovered I was American, they felt compelled to give me a little history lesson of the park. They were both born and raised in Paris and had been coming to the park every Sunday for years. It was so interesting talking with them but I had to run to catch my train, telling them I would look for them again in the future.

Till the next time, à bientôt! Amusez-vous bien à Seattle!