Partnering with the Pacific Coast Banking School

Pacific Coast Banking School at PACCAR HallThe Pacific Coast Banking School (PCBS) has been a proud affiliate of the University of Washington for many years. Through Kermit Hanson’s leadership, PCBS organized and executed the Pacific Rim Bankers Program from 1975 to 2003.

Founded in 1938, the Pacific Coast Banking School was first championed by Cecil E. Jenks, Vice President of Peoples National Bank of Washington. During the Depression, Jenks became concerned that the banking system might not survive another economic debacle. He envisioned the need for a school for bank officers where they could become solidly grounded in the field of economics and sound banking principles and thus better be equipped to anticipate and respond to a changing environment.

PCBS follows similar principles and objectives as PRBP which made for a successful partnership:

  • A curriculum planned for training bank executives.
  • Classes taught throughout by one instructor rather than by different lecturers.
  • Emphasis upon principles rather than techniques.
  • Development of fellowship among students and between students and faculty.
  • Provision, through extension courses, for study throughout the year.

The Foster School would like to express our gratitude to the Pacific Coast Banking School for their supervision during the formative years of PRBP.