Passion in practice

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Feben Gebremichael is a first generation college student at the University of Washington and part of BIG (Business Impact Group) – a program through the Consulting & Business Development Center that allows UW students to use the skills learned in class out in the community to help minority-owned and other underserved businesses grow and flourish. “The Business Impact Group stood out to me because it targets underserved communities, which is something I am very passionate about,” said Gebremichael.

Currently on her journey to help individuals maintain their own businesses successfully, Gebremichael and her fellow student consultants are working to assist District Yoga and Fitness, a yoga studio located on University Avenue. The student team is helping the studio hone in on catering to the wants and needs of the nearby University of Washington student population in order to maximize their revenue. There are many diverse groups of people in the greater Seattle area looking advance their businesses, but just do not have the opportunities or funding to do so. “This is essentially a right, and should be available and given to individuals in underserved communities,” Gebremichael says.

The Business Impact Group, as part of the Consulting and Business Development Center, helps students like Gebremichael pursue their passion in helping all sorts of businesses blossom. It connects talented students with passionate entrepreneurs in hope of benefiting both parties in this competitive economy.


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