Flying in [Portland Edition]: Engineer Turned Product Manager Student Amulya Gullapalli

Hybrid MBA student from PortlandName: Amulya Gullapalli
Location: Portland, Oregon

Current Position: Product Lead -> Product Manager at Intel
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Graduate Degree: Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Fun Fact About Yourself:

I love to travel and explore nature. Travelling helps me to get lost in the nature and at the same time re-center myself. Recently I travelled to Australia where I climbed the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and scuba dove in the Great Barrier Reef 60 feet under the ocean.

Coming from Portland, why did you choose the Hybrid MBA program at the UW Foster School of Business?

Being a full-time working professional, the work compatible format of the Hybrid MBA program was very attractive for me. I was aware of the reputation of UW Foster School of Business and its world class faculty. In addition, I realized that Hybrid MBA program’s duration of 2 years where you are with the same cohort throughout the program would keep me disciplined and on track. I knew that the Foster School, located in the vicinity of Seattle’s dynamic business community, would give me an opportunity to network with diverse professionals.

What part of the Hybrid MBA experience do you enjoy most?

Interacting with my diverse and dynamic cohort has been the most enjoyable experience. I enjoy the lively discussions on various topics during the Foster live sessions and on the discussion boards.

Tell us about your peers in the MBA program. How have your fellow students influenced your experience?

My fellow students have had a positive and motivating influence on my experience in the program so far. They come from diverse industries and are at various stages of their careers. They push me out of my comfort zone and help me deliver high quality work while keeping the learning experience fun and enjoyable.

What class has been the most useful or interesting to you?

Corporate Finance has been the most useful and interesting class for me. The course instructor, Lance Young, not only changed my perspective of Finance, but also helped me understand the Business as a whole. The coursework gave me the tools to understand the complete financial picture of a business and how it should be evaluated. It was amazing to see him take extra effort to conduct the review sessions as well.

What has surprised you about the Hybrid MBA experience that you wish you had known?

UW Hybrid MBA Student from Portland

Amulya at the Sydney Harbour Bridge

The MBA has been a very different learning experience than my previous education in engineering. The learning is more from the discussions and the case studies rather than from the theoretical lectures. Initially I was skeptical about the hybrid format of learning but to my surprise it turned out to be a fulfilling experience. Since my fellow students are working professionals, I get to know real-life experiences rather than theoretical perspectives.

What are your impressions of the faculty?

The faculty are truly exceptional. Every Professor has a unique teaching style and they share their latest research in their field with us. Overall, I felt the emphasis is more on the learning aspect than on the grades.

How has your MBA experience enabled you to see your industry/company/career differently?

My MBA experience has helped me see the big picture and understand how I fit into the overall scheme of the business. It helped me cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit at my workplace and develop a mindset of innovation, continuous improvement, and ownership.

What’s your #1 tip for someone considering an MBA?

If you are a business owner, an employee or a prospective entrepreneur, take the plunge! You will emerge as an insightful, competent leader.

Is there anything else you want to tell prospective students about this program?

Hybrid MBA program has been a wonderful experience which I will cherish forever. Come in with an open mind, be present and get immersed in the learning, you won’t regret it.


This post is part of a series called “Flying In” where we feature students who come in from the region and across the nation to earn their MBA at Foster.

The series shows behind the scenes on what it’s truly like to be earning your MBA at Foster while not physically in the Greater Seattle area.

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