How to Prepare for a Video MBA Interview

You’ve submitted your application to the Hybrid MBA Program and received an invitation to… a video MBA interview? We have you covered for what to expect and how to prepare for a video interview.


The admissions interview is the final piece of your application and is conducted via Zoom with a member of the Admissions Committee. The purpose of the interview is for the Admissions Committee to get to know you better and your fit for the program.


Video Interviewing

Interviewing via video may not be comfortable for some people, but in the Hybrid MBA Program, video is the main mode of interaction between faculty and students. Virtual team meetings and Foster Live sessions are done via Zoom; TA review sessions, and Program meetings are all via Zoom, where you can share your screen, annotate slides, break into small groups and more.

Start practicing by creating Zoom or Skype for Business meetings with colleagues, video yourself while interview prepping, FaceTime your friends. Get used to seeing yourself on video to relieve any video anxiety for the interview.


It should go without saying to treat the admissions interview as you would a formal job interview. Dress for success, find a quiet space to conduct the Interview without interruption and come prepared to answer questions regarding your work experience and education.

Do Your Homework mba students

Study the program! Attend as many Admissions Events as you can to get a strong sense of Foster’s Hybrid MBA. If you haven’t attended an online Information Session, expect to be asked to attend one or review a recording before your interview.

Ask Questions

Get your questions answered: Maybe you’ve gotten your questions answered during an Info Session or 1:1 advising appointment. It’s okay if you don’t have questions, but this is the time to ask any outstanding questions you may have. Go through a mental checklist of key pillars of our program to make sure you have a complete understanding. If not, ask!

A good rule of thumb is to send a Thank you note to your interviewer.

For more information on prepping for the Hybrid MBA Interview, see our Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts.