Preparing for the rigors of a consulting career

Jack Post, Foster BA, Class of 2018, talks about how his internship at the Consulting and Business Development Center helped him learn valuable skills and prepare for life after college.


Jack Post with business mentor Kathy Kanealii and clients Ivonne Jurado (far left) and Yuri Parreno (far right), owners of Ultrafino Panama Hats.

Jack Post with business mentor Kathy Kanealii and clients Ivonne Jurado (far left) and Yuri Parreno (far right), owners of Ultrafino Panama Hats.

My  summer consulting internship with the Consulting and Business Development Center was one of the most meaningful business experiences I’ve had in my life.  The chance to collaborate with clients who embraced the idea of working with a student consultant was an extremely valuable learning experience.  This opportunity allowed me to continue to develop my deep desire to pursue consulting as a career path.

Through this internship, I applied all aspects of business to each of my projects.  While I am typically much more comfortable performing financial or decision making analyses, I learned more about marketing strategies and consumer behavior throughout the summer.  I’ve been able to become a more well-rounded business student and strategic thinker.

I worked with three different Seattle-based companies on various business challenges as part of my internship.  Each company wanted to grow their customer base and increase sales through a series of marketing strategies. This included recommendations on opening a new retail location, a feasibility study on entering the wholesale market, and financial analysis to improve day-to-day operations as well as securing a revolving line of credit to fund future growth.

My internship at the center will help me reach my future goals because it enriched my understanding of consulting and improved my skill set.  In order to be a successful consultant, one must have excellent problem-solving abilities and a well-rounded background.  Fortunately, this internship provided me with an opportunity to improve both of those qualities.

In addition to working as a summer intern for the center, I also participated in their Business Management Consulting Program (referred to by students as the MKTG/MGMT 445 Consulting Class).  The course provided me with an excellent preview for what my summer would be like and helped me prepare for the rigorous workload of consulting three business clients.

The center is full of wonderful staff and professional mentors who are committed to providing as much assistance and tutelage as they can to every student they come across.  Their dedication has contributed to my overall experience, which is one that I will never forget, and it has been one of my best learning opportunities during my time at the University of Washington.