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Jenepher Schulte
Co-President, Certificate of International Studies in Business Custom (Italian) Track
Finance Major
2009 Ambassador Manager, Global Business Case Competition

Jennifer SchulteWhy did you decide to do CISB?
CISB is an exceptional program. I attended an informational meeting while I was still considering business school. I learned that CISB requires a lot from its students, but in turn offers extraordinary opportunities to learn about international business and a set of peers that share my interests and ambitions. Also, CISB requires things that I wanted for myself: studying abroad, completing an international internship, gaining area studies expertise, learning another language, and taking on leadership opportunities. By participating in CISB, I was confident that I would realize my goals and have a fulfilling undergraduate experience. I now feel much more prepared for entering my career and leveraging the knowledge I have gained through my CISB experiences.

What are the most important aspects of your CISB experience?
First and foremost, CISB gave me outstanding learning opportunities. Second, I made valuable friendships with students that share my academic interests and ambitions.

As an exchange student in Italy, I took business classes with students from all over Europe and made lasting friendships. This year, I participated in an undergraduate research conference with the European Union Center at Scripps College, where I met students who share my enthusiasm for European politics. This summer I am studying business and government relations with The Fund For American Studies in Washington D.C. This fall, I will intern in Geneva, Switzerland, through the Global Business Center. I also participated in the CISB Business Mentoring Connections Program and got excellent coaching from my mentor. CISB allowed me to participate in great learning experiences such as serving as a manager of the 2009 Global Business Case Competition. These have been formative experiences and I found them through CISB.

What advice would you give prospective CISB students?

  1. Get to know your CISB peers! They all share your interest and dedication to international business. And they can help you with advice to get through all the CISB requirements!
  2. Read the CISB emails. These are full of great opportunities to learn and experience more, whether with the business school, elsewhere on campus, or in the business world. If you like international business, then you’ll see something you’ll like there!

What are your plans post-graduation?
I plan on attending graduate school in Europe to pursue a Masters in Finance.

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