Q&A with Adam Coppel, MPAcc alumnus

Adam Coppel
After graduating from the MPAcc program in 2014, Adam Coppel worked with Deloitte in their Seattle Audit Practice for two years before changing industries to Management Consulting, specifically with Point B.

Why did you choose to join the MPAcc program?

I chose MPAcc because I thought it offered an amazing opportunity to receive a Master’s degree and specifically in a well-respected field. Also, I felt it gave me the best opportunity to prepare for the CPA exam with classes that would assist/cover many relevant topics. Lastly, the program offered on-the-job experience through the winter internship, which was during a “busy-season” and allowed for participants to feel more prepared when entering full-time.

What key skills did you acquire during the MPAcc program?

The MPAcc program provided and enhanced many key skills, but the most important were around teaming, project planning/workflow prioritization, and critical thinking.

What classroom experiences influenced how you approach your current job?

  1. When discussing potential accounting standard changes, the aspect of the class that focused on thinking about the potential impacts (long-term/short-term) and how would a company plan/build a project plan to accommodate the change has been very beneficial in framing up proper thinking in both my time at Deloitte and now currently at Point B.
  2. The audit project plan was extremely helpful in teaching project management skills and teaming, which I use on a daily basis.
  3. Executive presence and communication exercises were also very helpful as I have to present to executives often. Also, from this came an ability to summarize and control a meeting and send out the notes/actions to the team.

Did you undertake an internship as part of the program?

I had an initial summer internship with Deloitte before entering the MPAcc program and then had the winter quarter internship with Deloitte as well. I felt the first only gave me a taste of what work at Deloitte would truly be like. It was the winter internship that I really felt that I benefited from. I also saw, that all many of the winter internship participants are able to hit-the-ground running when starting full time and can allow you to move onto more challenging audit work more quickly.

How has the MPAcc and Foster alumni networks impacted your career path?

The Foster alumni network is definitely alive and well! When I was looking for a new job and looking to leave Deloitte I relied heavily on my Foster alumni network to assist me in figuring out the correct career pivot and introduce me to other professionals. Since joining my new firm, I have met many Foster alumni and have felt an immediate impact due to the connection, where they often go above-and-beyond to assist me in my career development. Lastly, since joining my new firm, I have referred multiple people in my Foster alumni network into my firm’s recruiting process. Go Dawgs!

Do you feel that the cohort and team experience has benefited your career?

I think this was one of the biggest benefits of the program. The cohort and teaming experiences provide extremely transferable and life-long skills. Understanding the different personalities that you face in the work-force allow you to craft/hone a skillset to achieve effective and efficient success when working with teams and managing large programs/projects/or initiatives.

Are there any other benefits from MPAcc that you would like to mention?

The MPAcc program truly provides instant credibility when working with C-level executives!

What is your current role?

I left Deloitte in July of 2016 when I was a Senior Audit Assistant, but I was operating in a Senior capacity already and would have been promoted with my class 9/1/16. I left Deloitte and joined Point B in mid-July of 2016 as a Management Consultant where I was one of the first five hired as a National Practice Analyst as part of the firm initiative to hire younger professionals. I am currently up for promotion to become a National Practice Associate.

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