Q&A with Julie Quick, MS in Taxation alumna

Julie QuickJulie Quick, Senior Manager, State and Local Tax at KPMG LLP, shares her experiences in the UW Foster School’s Tax program. She graduated from the program in 2007.

What is your impression of the tax program’s alumni network?

The tax program’s alumni network is strong both within Seattle and across the country. Personally, I stay in touch with my class regularly through social events and even running into former classmates at mutual clients. I’ve also found that the more years that pass after the program, some of your former classmates will become your clients!

How has the tax program impacted your career?

The tax program has impacted my career by giving me a solid foundation of tax knowledge and a degree that is highly respected throughout the tax community. Without the program, I would not have learned how to research and communicate effectively in a business environment, as well as decipher the nuances of the Internal Revenue Code.

What class has been the most useful in your career so far?

The class that has been the most useful in my career thus far is the communications class. Communications is the most fundamental class in the program – even if you have all of the tax knowledge in the world, it’s pointless if you aren’t able to communicate either internally to your colleagues or externally to your clients.

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