Q&A with Nakul Bhagat, TMMBA Student

We asked current student and Microsoft software engineer, Nakul Bhagat, about his experience in the Technology Management MBA program and where he thinks the technology industry is heading.

Why did you choose the Technology Management MBA program at the Foster School?

I have 12 years of experience in the software industry. I aspire to be an entrepreneur, and I knew that I would need business skills to complement my technical skills. I met with TMMBA alums and current students at the time and learned how TMMBA helped them apply concepts from the program to work in order to make better decisions. I also compared this program with similar programs offered at some of the other prestigious universities. I looked at course content, networking opportunities and university rankings and I concluded the 18-month TMMBA program offered the maximum ROI against my limited time commitments (since I already had a full-time job and family commitments).

How has your study group affected your experience in the TMMBA program?

It has been the most amazing and enriching experience of my life, so far. My study group includes people from different cultures and countries. It has truly helped me to develop a global mindset and helped me approach a problem with different perspectives. My study group has become my extended family.

Is there a particular faculty member who stands out in your mind as being really exceptional?

It’s hard to answer this question because they are all great at what they do. However, a few professors who have left an impression on me are:

  • Lance Young, our Finance professor. His rigor in making sure we understand the concepts, and his focus on the quality and not the quantity, with a hint of fun, has turned us students into his fans. 
  • Benjamin Hallen, our Strategy and Entrepreneurship professor. He kept us engaged and pushed each one of us to think from a fresh perspective.
  • Natalie Mizik, our Marketing Management professor. It was fun going through different case studies, analyzing strategy and understanding how simple, thoughtful decisions could translate into a big competitive advantage for a business.
  • Paige Patrick, our Managerial Accounting professor. She helped us understand the different costs associated with a product and how breaking it down can help us make value-maximizing decisions. I think this is important, especially if you aspire to get into product development or product marketing.

How do you want the program to impact your career?

I want the program to help me achieve my career goals of becoming a technology entrepreneur and also to use my time in TMMBA as a networking opportunity. I want to be able to make better decisions and to be a successful driver to a business or a company.

Where do you think the tech industry is heading and how is the TMMBA preparing you for that?

The Tech industry is growing at a faster pace with new and exciting innovations that makes day-to-day life easy. Technology has become a commodity that enables businesses to serve their customers better with newer solutions and lower operational costs. TMMBA prepares me to leverage technology to my competitive advantage and helps me to be more impactful at work.

Is there anything else you want to tell prospective students about this program?

Don’t miss the opportunity. Get ready for your transformation. It is a life changing experience.

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