Recommendations to future UM exchange students

Some of the recommendations that I would make to future University of Mannheim students is the following:

  • Take advantage of Germany’s small size and travel with a Bahn Discount Card (purchase at any Deutsche Bahn central train station)
  • Take part in unique national celebrations (i.e. Karneval, Oktoberfest, etc.)
  • Take part in unique local celebrations (i.e. Maimarkt (early May), Dance into May (May 1st), Karneval festivities)
  • Participate in all of the VISUM activities and trips (coordinated by the school organization)
  • Utilize VISUM’s website for ideas for activities and the “good deals” around town they suggest
  • Attend the faculty parties (i.e. in the Katacombs and the Schnekenhof)
  • Seek out local food and drink (i.e. regional Flammkuchen, Currywurst mit Pommes, and wide  array of German beers and wines!)

While this list is clearly not inclusive of all that a Uni of Mannheim exchange student should take part in, it is a start to getting really submerged into the culture of the Uni of Mannheim and Germany as a whole!