Entrepreneurship Resource Nights: Inspiration and Vision

Resource Nights (ENTRE 440/540 Business Plan Practicum), offered throughout winter quarter by the Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship, bring in experts from the local entrepreneurial community to teach various aspects of creating a startup venture, from idea generation to legal issues to raising capital. Each week you can read a recap of the previous Entrepreneurship Resource Night. This week, the Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship’s Amy Sallin recaps a class featuring the CEO of Kigo Kitchen, Jason Hooper. If you have questions about the lecture series, or any of the Buerk Center’s student competitions, email Amy at [email protected].

The second session provided another lively and thought-provoking Resource Night (ENTRE 440/540) class! This time we focused on inspiration and vision. Instructor John Zagula (founder, Ignition Partners) talked about the why, what, and how of working through a vision for your idea—using his ABC model to work through the process. Starting with A=Your Current Situation, the question becomes B=Your Desired Future. Your vision is C=Required Action. Simple, right? Watch the class video for more of Zagula’s wisdom!

Guest speaker Jason Hooper, CEO of Kigo Kitchen, shared his trajectory from pitching an idea in a business class; From entering a business plan competition, to the development and execution of an innovative idea of fast, fresh, casual dining—Asian flavors meet Chipotle delivery! Hooper has a great story and his own business plan competition experience added a deeper dimension to his talk to a classroom full of students interested in entering this year’s UW Business Plan Competition.

Finally, a panel of four past BPC participants shared their competition insights with class. Susan Tai, Homemeal Club (BPC 2017); Richard Lee, EpiForAll (EIC, BPC 2017); Emily Willard, Engage (HIC, BPC 2016); and Logan Jacobs (BPC 2017). All four panelists stressed the importance of having a strong team and the amazing feedback they received from judges. Check out the full class on video on the Resource Nights website!


Resource Nights are each Tuesday from January 9 to March 6 from 6 to 7:50 p.m. in PACCAR Hall 192 (Shansby Auditorium). Can’t make it in person? Lectures will be recorded and the links posted to our website weekly. View the Resource Night schedule for links and complete listing of topics and guest speakers.


Resource Nights: From Idea to Product—validating a real problem and viable solution. Featuring guest speakers Michael Dix, founder of Intentional Futures, and Renee Xiaoyu Wang, CEO and founder of CastBox.

Tuesday, January 23 at 6:00 pm in PACCAR Hall, Shansby Auditorium (room 192)



The final Networking Night/Team Formation event was well-attended and great funThe final Networking Night/Team Formation event of the 2017-2018 academic year was well-attended and great fun! Hopefully many of you connected with a team or potential team members to work on your entry for one (or more!) of the Buerk Center competitions—the Health Innovation Challenge, the Environmental Innovation Challenge, and the Business Plan Competition. However, if you’re still looking to join a team or for team members, stay tuned to the Student Team Formation website. First, create a profile on the Team Building site. Then check out the Showcase page to browse for a team to join or to find team members. NOTE: This is for current students only! 

MENTOR CONNECT (via website)

Need some quick advice about intellectual property, financial projections, or how to divide equity between co-founders? The Buerk Center’s MentorConnect site is a great way to connect with a professional via email for advice, questions, and feedback. The site requires a UW login, so if you’re a student from another college or university contact me for a guest login.

NOTE: MentorConnect is available to students only!


This series of panel events is aimed at students entering the Hollomon Health Innovation Challenge, Alaska Airlines Environmental Innovation Challenge, and/or the UW Business Plan Competition. The perspective and knowledge gained will be valuable as teams prepare their 5-7 page business summaries—which are required to enter the Buerk Center competitions.

Intellectual Property & Legal Issues (HIC/EIC/BPC)
Wednesday, January 24 from 12:00 to 1:30 pm in HUB 250
Targeted  at HIC/EIC/BPC teams, but open to all

Intellectual Property & Legal Issues will be essential for any team planning on bringing a novel medical device or therapeutic to the Hollomon Health Innovation Challenge or a new environmental technology into the Alaska Airlines Environmental Innovation Challenge. Learn the importance of buttoning down your intellectual property and being wary of legal issues. Come hear from the experts who can advise you on what to include in your HIC or EIC submission.

Business Models and Financial Projections
Wednesday, January 31 from Noon to 1:30 pm in HUB 250


Health Innovation Challenge: Terri Butler
Environmental Innovation Challenge: Lauren Brohawn
Business Plan Competition: Amy Sallin
BPC MBA student co-chairs: Emma Hohenstein & John Montgomery

Have a great 2018!

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