Sammie Arrives in France

Salut étudiants de Business!

Coucou de Nantes! I am a CISB student at the UW but am currently doing my study abroad in Nantes, France (which is in the north-west part of France, just south of Rennes and west of Paris). I landed in Amsterdam about 3 weeks ago and spent 3 days there, 4 days in London, and 3 days in Paris before arriving in Nantes, France, my home town for the next 3 and a half months. The little European tour went very well, visiting many museums and churches and eating food from a variety of cultures. If I had to give a favorite for each city I’d say the Van Gogh in Amsterdam, climbing to the top of St. Paul’s where you can see all of London, and too many things to choose from in Paris.

I had an amazing time in each city but I find myself happiest in France where their priorities are well in line with mine… food, (wine,) and fashion. Nantes has especially treated me well as their specialty is crèpes sarazin comléte- avec du chévre pour moi (crepes made with a special type of black flour, ham and most importantly, goat cheese- they’re not famous for goat cheese here but I just can’t go without it)!!! Crèpes aside, my host family here in Nantes has been fabulous and really made me feel at home! They don’t speak English at all so I have been progressing a lot with my French. They also have a wealth of knowledge about the foods and wines in France which is great for me. Before each meal, the dad gets out a map of France and shows me exactly where the (wine) and cheese we eat comes from. My favorite so far is definitely le fromage Camembert which is a really strong triple cream cheese… amazing! Ok, sorry, I’ll stop talking about cheese… 🙂

Yesterday was my orientation and today was the first day of school so I am just trying to get adjusted to the very different and complicated system over here. My class schedule changes every week so some classes don’t start until October, some start now, stop for a few weeks, and then start up again and others are on my agenda but don’t actually exist..?? Other than the slightly crazy school system here, I’ve meet people from all over and am proud to say that I am the only American in the whole school! yeah! Audencia has a strong international focus so I’ve met people from, Austria, to Scottland, China, Korea, Mexico and more. We get our French buddies next week so I will be looking forward to that!

Hope all is well in Seattle and I’ll keep in touch!