Seattle Growth Podcast 4.7: A new wave of musicians arrives

The last episode of the Seattle Growth Podcast profiled some of Seattle’s musicians being pushed out by the city’s economic boom. But there are plenty of ambitious artists eager to take their place, despite the rapidly rising cost of living.

Episode 7 of the Seattle Growth Podcast, Season 4, introduces three singer-songwriters who have been drawn recently to Seattle’s legendary music scene in hopes of advancing their musical careers.

Tekla Waterfield, who moved to Seattle in 2010 and whose second album is being produced by noted Seattle guitarist Jeff Fielder, describes what attracted her to the city and how she has found a way to make a living as a full-time musician.

Recent Indiana transplant Dustin Vance, whose band Fond Farewell has an upcoming gig at the High Dive on May 16th, describes the emotions of starting anew in Seattle and attempting to integrate into the music scene.

And Jeremiah Mothersell, who was drawn by both Seattle’s music and tech scenes, discusses the options available to newcomers to this thriving economy.

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Tekla Waterfield
Dustin Vance
Jeremiah Mothersell

The Seattle Growth Podcast is hosted and produced by Jeff Shulman, an associate professor of marketing and the Marion B. Ingersoll Professor at the UW Foster School of Business.